Where should you obtain boxes for moving?

ShowMe shops for boxes frequently, and we'll often advise you of where the best deal is.  Unless you want to go from grocery store to your office supply room and collect boxes for months, we've found a group of relatively inexpensive boxes for you at The Home Depot stores.  Currently the prices range from .67 to $1.27 with wardrobe boxes being about $9.00.  Remember you're moving your most valuable keepsakes, spending the extra $50.00 to get a few sturdy boxes might be well worth it.  

Moving Tips:

♦ Double tape the box in an X pattern on the bottom after you assemble. This will make the box much stronger.

♦ When packing use bubble wrap, newspaper or moving paper to wrap your items. You can also use your towels, sheets and some linens to secure items.

♦ Put heavy items in small boxes that can be carried by one person. This will limit any damage you might experience as you are moving your boxes around your house.

♦ It's best to use boxes of the same size so you can store them more easily at your new house while you're unpacking. Also, if you can't close the lid, use another box.

♦ Label each box with a marker. Listing the room destination will keep your movers from asking you where you want each box. Listing the contents briefly will allow you to find your items more quickly.


Selling your home? 
Consider investing in a Home Warranty.  The price ranges from about $350-$450 and the warranty will typically cover the repair of a home’s heating, plumbing, electrical systems and built in appliances.  The buyer will see the value of the Home Warranty offered, especially if the are not the “handy” type.  With the Home Warranty, you’re not only selling your home, your selling Peace of Mind to your buyer.


Want to buy a home, but not sure about a lender, realtor or other professionals to use?
ShowMe has a list of partners that we refer people to on a regular basis.  These people are proven partners who take care of our customers just like we do… by making them the top priority.  If you need a referral, don’t hesitate to ask by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    we’ll make the connection so you can rest easy!


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